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Kyler Mackenzie

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Kyler Mackenzie's

feature album Nostalgia in Motion

is now available in digital format, as well as physical copies. Shipping world wide!

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ABOUT The Album

This album includes music that was composed in the beginning of 2019. Kyler's musical journey had began on the streets and small clubs in Samara, Russia. The writing process had already sparked then, and the mood and atmosphere of his time in Russia started to take form in music.

After Russia, he made way to Portugal for the winter to reunite with an old musician friend, Marino the violinist, and the journey took a whole new form of intensity. The songs continued to manifest into their own.


Coronavirus had become an international sensation  at the end of March, and with the pause of the entire planet. The musical journey took a different form. In May, he returned to Canada and had played constantly and with fervor in the streets of Toronto. The music that was forged in the chaos of the pandamic took it's final form at this moment.  These pieces of music came to full realization in places such as Music Garden, Harbourfront, Humberbay, Yorkville, and many many others.

The 2 year process of this adventure is captured in raw sound, which is digitalized for all those to enjoy. To those who have met Kyler on the Streets, or for those who are new listeners.Enjoy the music, which has accompanied him and many others on countless journeys worldwide.

Now available for concerts and festivals in EUROPE for 2022/ 2023.

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